Television's Evil Influence in the Conasauga Circuit

I was privileged to interview retired federal district judge Robert Vining, Jr. yesterday in Dalton. Among many other fascinating stories, he told me of an interesting terminology change in Georgia law.

Judge Vining was the first solicitor general of the Conasauga Circuit (Whitfield and Murray counties). Prior to that it was 5 counties called the Cherokee Circuit. A solicitor general prosecuted criminal cases on behalf of the state.

One of the top shows in those days was Mr. District Attorney, which had started as a radio show and then to television. In the radio show, the main character had no name other than Mr. DA. Vicki Vola played the DA's essential secretary.

Vicki Vola, the DA's right-hand woman

Vicki Vola, the DA's right-hand woman

The popular show caused the solicitors general across the state to want to rename the position "district attorney." Judge Vining said he strongly opposed the silly cave-in. Nonetheless, he was in the minority and he then became the first "district attorney" of the circuit.