If you just appeared in America, what would you need to know about our legal system?

We give a monthly "intro to law" talk at Bridge Refugee Services here in Chattanooga to brand spanking new arrivals. For about 40 minutes we go over the following topics:

- Local courts and what they hear;

- Where to get help and not being too embarrassed to ask;

- How to avoid scams;

- Very basic rules of the road, using car seats (as most can't drive yet but will);

- Dealing with the police;

- Domestic violence;

- Divorce;

- Children: truancy, corporal punishment;

- Animals (taking care of pets, not butchering own meat, etc.);

- Religious freedom to one's way of dressing (head scarves);

- Understanding contracts (if you don't speak English well);

- Housing - dealing with landlords.

What else might someone need to know who is brand new to the US and its culture/legal system?