Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument Litigants

Read a very interesting article in the Economist dealing with Canadians concocting very novel, very strange legal arguments in support of their otherwise, illegal acts. It begins with a tenant in default of his lease who said he was a "Freeman-on-the-Land," inter alia, and the landlord had no rights to the land in the first place based on some natural order. Evidently, these lines of reasoning have become so commonplace that an associate chief justice of Alberta's highest court, John Rooke, has written an extensive article detailing and rebutting these arguments. The opinion is here and a good summary is here.

I ran across something similar here in the US, the other day. Some have posited that a person's name is in all caps on her birth certificate as an alter ego to make one serve as collateral for all the government's debt. Happily, you can avoid this dehumanization by preparing a UCC financing statement with your name in all caps as the debtor, and your name with first letter capitalized as secured party. Please remember to renew your UCC every 5 years!